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2017 Week of Action

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An Evening with Minh Dang

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM at 100 Blum Hall

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Join the BATC and Trafficking Prevention Decal next Tuesday night at the Blum Center to hear Minh Dang Speak!

Minh Dang is a Team Manager at Linde Group, Inc., an IT consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a Presidential Appointee to the first ever U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking and is also currently a Co-Principal Investigator for a community-based research study funded by the National Institute of Justice entitled, “Researcher-Survivor-Ally Formative Evaluation of San Francisco’s Anti-Trafficking Task Forces”. Minh has received awards from the ACLU, Cal Alumni Association, City of Berkeley, and more. In 2013, she was one of fifteen AAPI Women named a Champion of Change by President Barack Obama.

Minh first publicly identified as a survivor of slavery and incest in 2008, when MSNBC featured her story of slavery in a documentary. Minh also serves as an independent consultant, providing training and technical assistance for organizations addressing human trafficking and child abuse. Informally, she provides guidance and mentorship to survivors and formally, she also serves on the Advisory Board of AnnieCannons, a pioneering organization that trains survivors of human trafficking in web development and programming. From 2005 to 2011, Minh worked at the University of California, Berkeley Public Service Center as an AmeriCorps Program Coordinator. She earned her B.A. and M.S.W. from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Trafficked Movie Screening

Friday, November 4, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM in Sutardja Dai Hall

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The Blum Center for Developing Economies and The Institute for South Asia Studies are screening the film Trafficked, a project by one of the world’s foremost experts on human sex trafficking, Siddharth Kara. Trafficked is the first truly global, authentic feature film on human trafficking.

We would be delighted if you could attend the screening. The subject matter is quite relevant to the work of our Centers and could be of interest to many of you. Following the screening will be a panel discussion led by Siddharth, Patrick Duffy (cast member), and Humanity United’s Sandy Tesch Wilkins.

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We hope to see you on November 4th for what will be an illuminating and enjoyable evening!

About the Film
TRAFFICKED is the first truly global, authentic feature film on human trafficking. Around the world, millions of vulnerable girls are being ensnared by human traffickers into the insidious world of sex slavery and exploited relentlessly to generate profits of one hundred billion dollars per year. That is more than the annual profits of Google, Microsoft, Nike and Starbucks combined. Inspired by real characters from the award-winning book ‘Sex Trafficking’ by leading slavery expert Siddharth Kara, this is the story of three such girls from America, Nigeria and India. After being trafficked through an elaborate global network of illicit human, organ, and drug trafficking, all three girls end up as sex slaves in a brothel in Texas, where they must band together to attempt to reclaim their dignity and freedom.

About Siddharth Kara
Siddharth Kara is a Fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies. He is recognized as an expert on contemporary slavery and is best known for his award-winning book, Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery. Sex Trafficking was named co-winner of the prestigious 2010 Frederick Douglass Award at Yale University for the best non-fiction book on slavery. The award is generally regarded as the top prize in the field of slavery scholarship, and Kara’s is the first book on modern slavery to receive the award. In addition to his books, Kara has authored several other books, academic and law journal articles.

Kara first encountered the horrors of slavery in a Bosnian refugee camp in 1995. Subsequently, he has traveled to more than sixty countries across six continents to research these crimes, interviewing over thousands of former and current slaves of all kinds, witnessing firsthand the sale of humans into slavery, and confronting some of those who trafficked and exploited them.

Kara currently advises the United Nations, the U.S. Government, and several other governments on antislavery research, policy and law. Kara is a regular contributor to the CNN Freedom Project, and his ongoing research into slavery around the world has been covered by CNN, the BBC, and CNBC.

BATC & YWCA Presents: Stop Trafficking Advocacy Campaign

Thursday, November 16, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM on Sproul Hall

Be sure to stop by to participate in a photo advocacy campaign to help spread awareness about the atrocities of human trafficking! We’re excited to partner with the YWCA for this event and can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!

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