Alice Langford

3rd Year
Human Rights Interdisciplinary Minor

After learning about human trafficking in high school, Alice was determined to find a community of anti-trafficking activists in high school and thus joined BATC her freshman year. She has since been in love with the work of BATC as well as the BATC community. Her favorite parts about BATC are that BATC has taught her to approach human trafficking related issues with a new perspective while allowing her to directly engage with both the Berkeley community as well as the Bay Area.  Last year Alice was an Outreach officer, and this year she is excited to be one of the co-Presidents of BATC. She hopes to have a year full of informative events and take action projects while developing a dialogue about human trafficking in the Berkeley and Bay Area communities.

Katie Kritzell

5th Year
Global Poverty and Practice Minor

Katie became inspired to get involved in BATC after taking the Human Trafficking Decal a year ago. Throughout her academic career, she has explored her interest in human rights, children’s rights, and women’s rights issues, but joining BATC has enabled her to focus her involvements more specifically around human trafficking-related issues. Last semester, she was the Co-Chair of the Coffee Project, which aims to make fair trade coffee choices more well-known and accessible to Berkeley students and community members. This year, she is excited to take on the role of Co-President and to help in making our members’ incredible event ideas come to life. She is also really excited about having more BATC socials, forming lasting bonds with BATC members, and helping to create a safe space for members to talk about the many complex, intersectional approaches to dealing with human trafficking.

John Dethlefsen

External Vice President (EVP)
4th Year
Russian Language and Literature
Peace and Conflict Studies

John’s attention was drawn to the issue of human trafficking during his studies of contemporary post-soviet spaces, one of the regions where the problem has experienced particularly rapid growth. It was through attending BATC events that he learned of human trafficking’s growing presence and pervasiveness here in our own community. He values BATC’s unique role in bringing students together to discuss, teach, learn, and collaborate on the issue, integral in building a generation of advocates, activists, and educated community members.

Gopal Kumar

Internal Vice President (IVP)
4th Year
English and Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB)

Gopal used to manage allocation of funds and spending.  Now he helps the officers manage administrative duties.  He joined the organization at Calapalooza in his first year at Berkeley because of its focus on legal and economic consequences of human trafficking, something interesting to the upcoming lawyer.  Once he started going to the meetings, he learned that it is not just about the law and money. It is a human issue with human consequences that leads to consequences for the law and money.

Caroline Brown

2nd Year
Peace and Conflict Studies

Caroline is in charge of finance-related duties and the allocation of funds. She joined BATC in her freshman year because she wanted to learn more about the complexities of human trafficking, and stayed because she became passionate about the issue and formed bonds with the other club members. Something she likes about the club is the intersectional approach it takes in thinking critically about human trafficking.

Sophie Perl

Outreach Coordinator
2nd Year
Media Studies
Global Poverty and Practice Minor

Sophie joined BATC during her first semester at Cal with the hopes of getting involved in human rights advocacy and action on campus. Growing up in Oakland, California, Sophie became aware of the local human trafficking problem at an early age and was fascinated by how an issue so often only characterized to be happening abroad could be going on in the city she called home. As Outreach Officer, Sophie oversees BATC’s visual communications  and works to develop the organization’s web and social media presence. Sophie’s favorite thing about BATC is how the organization engages with the issue on so many levels– closely with the Cal community, in partnership with a range of Bay Area organizations, and more broadly with leaders at the forefront of the movement on the national and global scale.

Michelle Wong

Outreach Coordinator
4th Year

Michelle joined BATC as a junior transfer with very little previous knowledge about human trafficking. She was surprised to learn the Bay Area was a major hub for trafficking and stayed with the club for the enthusiastic and knowledgeable community. The many interesting speakers and events were also a huge plus for her!

Gabrielle Woodland

Dialogue Facilitator/Community Advocate
2nd Year
Intended Public Health
Dance and Performance Studies Minor

Gabrielle was first introduced to the issue of human trafficking while participating in an internship at the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office in the HEAT Watch Division. After learning about the phenomenon dubbed “modern slavery,” she began to combat trafficking in her Oakland high school community and later joined BATC in her second semester at Cal. As Dialogue Facilitator, Gabrielle works to ensure that BATC is a safe space for all. The discussions surrounding human trafficking are complex and potentially triggering. It is therefore essential that BATC members use appropriate and sensitive dialogue while discussing these issues. As Community Advocate, she reaches out to community organizations and survivors to make sure that their voices and opinions are being heard. In BATC, Gabrielle has found a supportive and dedicated community of people devoted to social justice. Since joining, the organization has become one of her favorite parts of Cal.